It is with a very heavy and exhausted heart that we, Shannon Refvik & Kristin Light of Refvik & Light Productions, announce the permanent closing of The Jam Factory event venue.


We fought hard to hang on through the seemingly-endless lockdowns that kept our doors locked shut this past year – but in the end, our landlords were not as fortunate, and the building that houses our beloved old venue has now been sold. We know nothing of the future of the historic 2 Matilda Street, however we have been informed that the new owner’s plans do not include hosting our fabulously retro-rustic event/music venue, and therefore we must close our doors one last time.


To our clients and patrons over the past 4.5 years – we are so incredibly honoured that so many of you chose to celebrate with us in this quirky former-factory, rich with old-world charm, endearing creaks and legendary stories. We danced, we sang, we created, we betrothed – The Jam Factory was every inch the mixed-use hub we’d hoped it would turn out to be. Without you, it was just an empty room. Thank you for breathing life into these old walls. 


To our original vendor partners who took a chance on two unknowns in the Toronto venue circuit – we cannot thank you enough. Your support and guidance was invaluable to us in those early days (and beyond!) and we truly consider you friends.


To our staff, many of whom stuck with us right until the end – things weren’t always orthodox, but they sure as heck were fun. We could not have done this without you, and we truly consider you family.


We wish the new owners of 2 Matilda Street all the best with their new venture. That old building has housed some of the greatest businesses, friendliest folks, and most resourceful souls we’ve ever had the pleasure to share space with.


We’d launched with an epic Mardi Gras party, and we’d been gearing up for an even bigger 5-year anniversary bash. But instead, we bid adieu to that rusty-dusty hidden gem on the second floor. 


Thank you for the merry memories. Rock on, Toronto. Xo


Shannon & Kristin

Refvik & Light Productions